Prumihimo YouTube in Lockdown

I have decided that I can wait no longer for assistance with filming and editing my YouTube videos! In lockdown we have all become accustomed to seeing reporters and presenters filming themselves in their own homes and I think most people have rather enjoyed the glimpse into private homes and feel that the reduction in production quality is a fair price to pay. So I am trialling a series of quick videos, filmed by me in one take, to enable me to keep the content flowing on my YouTube channel during these difficult times. I will concentrate on the topics that will work well in this format and I hope that the chatty, more informal style will meet with approval. I have filmed two so far and I am reasonably pleased with the results, though I feel that the close up view of my face shows far too many wrinkles! Perhaps I will sit back a bit for the next ones, but please do not judge me on my appearance because, like so many, my hair, face and nails have not had any professional attention for nearly 4 months!

The first video in the series is all about weighted bobbins. I explain why and how you use them and then go on to explain how you can make your own temporary weighted bobbins.

I always welcome any comments or suggestions, so if there is something you would like to see, please let me know.