**The Prumihimo Disk – 2 regular disks and 1 double thickness disk


The unique patented Prumihimo Disk is sold as a package of 3 disks (2 regular thickness and one double thickness) with full instructions.

The disks will be sent by post and the instructions will be emailed to you. They will not be available for download.

Design Patent/Design Protection  – US 29/557,791  EU 003025071

Shipping information – UK first class post. Tracked shipping is used for international orders.

Please read below for further information.


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Framed Disk


The Prumihimo Disk has been developed by Pru McRae to enable braiders to master a fabulous braid, which is perfect for the precise positioning of beads in straight lines along the braid. The braid is a traditional Japanese braid, which Pru has adapted for use on her innovative disk. A unique combination of slots and dots makes it easy to learn this versatile braid, while the shape, size and extra-large central hole of the disk are perfect for beaded braids.

Disks are light in weight, but international shipping is expensive, so to make the best use of the weight allowance the disk is sold as a package of 3 disks, 2 regular and one double thickness,  with a PDF of instructions which will be emailed after purchase – Please allow 48 hours for the files to be sent and check your spam email.

The disks will be sent in the mail. For the UK regular first class post will be used. For international orders tracked shipping will be used.

For more information about how the disk is used please refer to these videos,

Braiding on the Prumihimo disk – https://youtu.be/7jON7dfAqOQ

Braiding with beads on the Prumihimo disk – https://youtu.be/jlQ88UOIbQo

The price for the disk and the postage is set in GBP (UK Pounds). Paypal will convert to your currency using the current exchange rate.

For sales to European countries other than the UK, please email me on pru@prumihimo.com

Please note that this is a patented product. Design Patent/Design Protection – US 29/557,791  EU 003025071

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