Perfect Endings – How to finish off your kumihimo

Kumihimo endings

The next two videos for the Prumihimo YouTube channel were uploaded this week and they seem to be going down very well. The first one is all about finishing off your braids using a glue method and the second one is all about using wire to finish off your braids.

I have been active in groups and forums for many years and certain questions come up time and time again. Without doubt the most frequently asked questions of all the FAQs are about finishing off a braid. When people first pick up a kumihimo disk and have a go there is a wonderful moment when they see the lovely braid forming under the disk. This is what gets people hooked! The actual braiding process is wonderfully relaxing, with a zen-like quality and the temptation is to enjoy the experience, without thought for what the braids might be used for. There is nothing wrong with that, but braids can be used in lots of decorative and practical ways as long as they are finished off correctly. When the braid is removed from the disk all that is needed is an overhand knot to prevent unravelling. The next step is not so straight forward because the cord ends need to be dealt with in some way and in most cases this involves hiding them. There are lots of different ways of doing this and some are more effective than others. Broadly speaking, the methods of concealing the cord ends fall into two categories, glue-on ends or wire-on ends. In these videos I share the methods which work best for me, both on my own braids and for teaching purposes. Most people find they have a preference for one method or the other, but I strongly recommend learning both because it gives you the flexibility to choose exactly the findings which best suit the braid. Some clasps are only available for the glue method and these include ball or bullet-style magnetic clasps and integrated end cap/clasp stlyes. However, with all glue-in ends you need a good fit between the braid and the end. Using the wire method allows you to use a much wider range of styles and the fit is less important. Also, mixing and matching different end cones and clasps allows you to create a more individual look.

I am continuing to film lots of videos covering all aspects of braiding on the round disk, square plate and Prumihimo disk. The order in which I upload them may seem rather random, but I want to be able to react to the demand. So if an interesting question comes up in Facebook groups I hope to have the answer ready. I am filming both technique videos and project videos in equal quantities, but I will take into account the number of views and comments, so that I am uploading what people actually want. The plan is to upload a new video once a week, probably in the middle of the week, so I am concentrating on filming a good stock of videos to cover the next couple of months. If there is something you would particularly like to see please comment on one of the videos. Sadly, I have had to disable the comments boxes on this website because otherwise I am inundated with spam!

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Click here if you would like to see my demonstration of a very easy and effective way of gluing the ends onto a kumihimo braid.

Click here if you would like to see my demonstration of a very attractive and secure way of attaching an end with wire.

So what is coming up for next week? The truth is that I have not quite decided, but I have got a couple of videos which go back to basics on the regular round kumihimo disk, as well as some lovely projects for the Prumihimo disk. Watch this space!

kumihimo endings

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