A new look for the Feathers Tutorial

Feathers Kumihimo bracelet


The Feathers tutorial can be adapted to make these bracelets. An extra row of magatama beads is added in the centre of the braid on one side only. The advantage of this is that you can get the full magatama look, but use far fewer beads. In addition the bracelet sits beautifully on the wrist because the inside of the braid is flat. Follow the instructions in the tutorial, but add magatamas to the cords in slots 13 and 29. You will need approximately 17 – 22 beads on each of these cords. Braid according to the tutorial, but in addition, drop in a bead each time you move the cord in slot 13. So there you have it, a completely new look from the original tutorial. You can’t beat that for value for money!