Luscious Lentils turns into Dangerous Daggers!

Luscious Lentils turns into Dangerous Daggers

When I designed the Luscious Lentils bracelet I wanted to make a bit of a statement with something bold and chunky. However, the instructions are just as effective when smaller beads or beads of different shapes are used. The pattern is very versatile and in this example I have used size 8 beads and 10mm daggers for a completely different look. It is important when braiding with beads to keep the tension fairly relaxed, otherwise a braid like this, which is designed to lie flat, can twist. Many people have the tendency to braid very tightly, especially at the beginning. The cord needs to be pulled up tightly enough to keep the bead in place, but there is no advantage to keeping the cords too tight. Beaded braids have a much more pleasant feel to them if they are made with a relaxed tension. If you find it really difficult to ease off on the tension you can add a bit of extra weight on the braid end at the beginning.

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