The Festive Wreath Decoration Virtual Workshop

Every year I design a new Christmas decoration for workshops and it is one of my favourite activities. Christmas is the time when you can bring on the bling, knowing that you can never have enough. To my mind there is no such thing as an overdressed Christmas tree! I also love this design task because I know that the Christmas workshops are particularly popular and are always such fun to deliver. Imagine my disappointment when the first wave of the virus stopped all workshops. However, since then I have learnt how to design and teach a virtual workshop and my Zoomihimo by Prumihimo programme of workshops has proved to be particularly successful and enjoyable. Hooray, Christmas teaching is on again!

I am now ready to offer my Festive Wreath workshop on two dates. Like my previous workshops this one is made up of two sessions. The first workshop is on Monday 7.12.20 and Thursday 10.12.20. The second workshop is on Saturday 12,12,20 and Sunday 13.12.20. In each case the workshop starts on both days at 4pm UK time, which is ET 11.00am/CT 10.00am /MT 9.00am and PT 8.00am. Unlike previous workshops the first of the two sessions will be the longer one at 3 hours and the second session will be 2 hours. This adjustment is made to fit the lesson plan.

After 5 years of designing Christmas decorations you might think that I am running short of ideas, but that is so far from the truth and I actually found it difficult to cut back my plans to only one! The reason that this particular design is the winner is that I believe it perfectly combines ‘tree appeal’ with a good selection of transferable skills. Students will learn how to braid with wire, how to use 2-hole beads, how to shape and finish a decoration, and three variations of embellishment technique. Armed with these skills they will be able to make lots of other beautiful ornaments, adapting the design to the materials they have in their stash. The design can be very easily transformed into a bracelet or necklace, so it really is very useful and versatile.

I have been asked many times to provide kits for my workshops, so the price of this workshop will include a full kit. Only glue and equipment need to be added. The advantage of kitting this particular workshop is that I can be sure that students have exactly the right wire and cone finding to make this design work. This decoration includes quite a few elements from different sources, so it is a good way for students to avoid having to order from different suppliers, incurring multiple shipping charges. Please be aware that this kit will be sent by tracked mail to the US and Canada and this will be added onto the cost of the workshop at checkout. I know that this shipping is expensive, so I have kept the kit price element of the overall price lower than it would usually need to be.

Unfortunately this workshop is only available for those who already have and can use a Prumihimo disk. In the new year I hope to have some workshops for complete beginners, but this one is not suitable for beginners because we will be using wire and correcting braiding mistakes is difficult with wire. If you have not used a Prumihimo disk yet I suggest trying my new starter kit, which is explained more fully in my previous blog. This will give you all the experience you need to be able to make the very best of one of my virtual workshops and I have got some very exciting designs lined up for next year.

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