Satin Cord Christmas Kit, Part 1 – Green and Red Quarzite


Christmas Kumihimo

Christmas comes early with this dramatic kit! It was so extensive that the instructions are in two parts. These instructions are for the green and red gemstones. On the show the wreath decoration and the chunky green/berry necklace were demonstrated. The demonstration came about 30 minutes into the show and can be seen by clicking here.

These designs can be made with alternative gemstones and materials. Look out for really chunky graduated stones in green and any red 6mm round beads. The decoration and scissor jewellery can be made in lots of different colours to suit any theme.

Wreath Decoration

1. Each wreath will require approximately 16-18cm of finished braid. To make one, cut 6 x 50cm red satin cord and 2 x 50cm green satin cord. However, I recommend making several at one time because there will be less waste. Using 2m lengths will probably yield at least 5 wreaths. Wreaths can made larger or smaller, as required. Ribbon or waxed cord can be used as an alternative to satin cord.

2. Position the cords on either side of the dots on the disk, with the 2 green cords in slots 16 and 17. Braid using the instructions for Half Round Braid.

3. Use a clear glue, such as UHU, to seal the braid at either end (or in 16-17cm sections if a long braid has been made). Allow the glue to dry and then cut the ends/sections. Curve the braid into shape with a 1cm overlap and use a small drop of glue to stick the ends together.

4. Cut 25cm of 0.6mm wire. Find the midpoint and form a wrapped loop. This will be used for ribbon or cord to hang the decoration up with, so make sure the loop is large enough to accommodate it. Leave the tail of wire. Form another, smaller wrapped loop near the first one. The distance between the loops needs to be the same as the width of the braid.

5. Hold the gap between the loops against the overlap on the braid and wrap one tail twice around the braid in one direction and the other tail twice around the braid in the other direction.

6. Trim the tails to approximately 2.5cm and form spirals using round nose pliers.

7. Thread a red bead onto a headpin and form a wrapped loop. Repeat twice and attach them to the smaller loop on the decoration with a jumpring.

Chunky Green and Red Necklace

This can either be made to be very dramatic using the largest beads on the strand or can be made to be lighter weight by using the smaller ones.

1. Take 5 green chunks and up to 22 red round beads.  Attach the red beads to headpins. The best sort of loop to use is the rolled loop. To make this, trim the headpin to 2.5cm. Grip the cut end of the pin with the tip of round nose pliers and roll the pliers towards the bead, forming a coil, which should touch the bead. Wrapped loops can be used, if preferred.

2. Cut 140cm of red satin cord. Fold it in half and thread it through 3 red bead units, then a green chunk, then 4 red bead units etc, finishing off with 3 red bead units. Use a piece of folded 0.25 wire as a needle to help with the threading. Centre all the beads on the doubled satin cord. Tie a loose knot close to the beads at one end. This needs to be undone when the second section of braid is made.

3.Cut 3 x 70cm green satin cord and 1 x 70cm red satin cord. Find the midpoint and tie them to the beads, using the double red cord on which the beads have been threaded. Check the YouTube video for this process. Tie a triple knot and seal it with a blob of glue.

4. Position the new cords on the disk on either side of the dots, with the red cords in slots 32 and 16. Leave the cords with the beads as a core. They are not put in slots and they will need to move freely around the disk and the braid is built up around them. Use the instructions for Hollow Braid and braid for 15 cm, or as long as required.

5. Remove the braid from the disk and bind and glue the end. Allow the glue to dry fully before using a very strong glue, such as E6000 or Zap Gel to attach an end cap. Repeat for the other side of the necklace and make sure that the full drying time recommended for the glue is observed before attaching the clasp with jump rings.

Christmas Tree Pendant

1. Thread one red bead,  three graduated green chunks and another red bead onto a headpin and form a wrapped loop. Attach the pendant to a bail using a jump ring.

2. Make a Half Round Braid using 70cm lengths of satin cord. Put the contrast colour in slots 16 and 17.

3. Thread the pendant onto the braid.  This must be done before the second end cap is attached! Use strong glue to attach the end caps to the braid. Attach chain to the end caps using a 10cm length of wire, with a red bead and a wrapped loop at either end.

4. Use a jump ring to attach the clasp.

Scissor Jewellery

These work well with any braid structure and are a great way of using up odd beads. Use 15-20cm lengths of satin cord attached to the handle of the scissors with a lark’s head knot. Braid for the required length and seal the braid with a drop of clear glue. Attach stones or dangles to the cord ends with knots. Trim and seal the knots with a naked flame or glue.