Rainbow Quartz and Emeralds

These designs were shown on Jewellery Maker on 8.7.14. Click here to see the show.

The only extra findings needed for this design are three headpins!

Quartz kumihimo necklace

1. Make the T-bar clasp by threading two beads onto two headpins. Twist them together. Make a wrapped loop with one end and wrap the other end around the shank and trim it off. This was demonstrated on the show.

2. Cut 6 x 150 cm lilac cord and 2 x 150 cm blue cord. Thread the cords through the loop of the T-bar and centre it on the cords. Position the cords in the slots on either side of the dots, two to a slot. The blue cords should be in slots 8 and 25. Braid using Half Round Braid for 12-15 cm.

3. Remove one cord from each slot, twist them together and use them as the core for the braid. Change the braid structure to Round Braid and braid for 8 moves, making sure that the core is kept in the middle. This was demonstrated on the show.

4. Thread 20 rainbow quartz beads onto the cords in the top left slot and the bottom right slot. Thread 20 black agate beads onto the cords in the top right slot and the bottom left. Braid on adding a bead each time a cord with beads is moved. Braid on for 8 moves without beads. Cut off the core as close as possible to the braid. Braid on for 1cm. Add a small amount of glue close to the braid and leave it to dry.

5. For the other half of the necklace cut the same amount of cord. Tie it together in an overhand knot right in the middle. Plait each side for about 3cm and tie them together in an overhand knot to create a loop. Braid as before to the end of step 4.

6. Bind the two braids together over the glued sections. Wrap a piece of wire or a decorative headpin around the binding to cover it.

7. Decide upon the required length for the tassel. Thread on a bead and tie a knot under it. Seal the knot carefully with a thread burner or a flame. Atlernatively seal the knot with glue.

gemstone kumihimo

Bracelet – Use 0,25 wire to weave emeralds onto a length of braid. Half Round Braid, Flat braid or Ladder Braid all work well for this. Add charms along the bottom edge.

Necklace – Add charms evenly along a length of chain. Use the last link on each side as the starting point of a thin 8 cord braid. Use a different colour on each side for a quirky effect.

Earrings – Start the braid directly onto the earring findings. Braid for 1cm and seal the end of the braid with clear glue. Cut the ends to the desired length, thread on a bead, knot and seal.