Labradorite Drops and Metal Seed Beads

For the show on 4.8.15 I was given two kits containing gemstones and cord and a separate bundle of metal seed beads in all three finishes and two sizes. The seed beads were for use with both kits. For the labradorite kit I decided to stick to the silver beads, with just a sprinkling of gold.

The kit contained a strand of large gemstone drops, large and small faceted spacers and S-Lon cord in all three sizes. Most of these designs are very adaptable, so feel free to substitute other materials.

The show can be seen by clicking here and this kit was the first one to be demonstrated.

Labradorite Kumihimo

Beaded Pendant 

Labradorite Kumihimo

This design illustrates how beading wire can be used as a core in a braid and can then be taken out of the braid so that a gemstone can be threaded on, before being returned to the braid as a core. This design was demonstrated on the show.

1. Cut 6 x 1m S-Lon regular cord and 2 x 1.4m. Position the cords on the disk on either side of the dots, with the two longer cords diagonally opposite each other. Braid for approx 12 cm. This will be at the back of the neck.

2. Thread 30 3mm beads onto one of the longer cords. Continue to braid and add in one bead each time the cord with beads is moved.

3. Take a 30cm length of beading wire and crimp one end. Thread the wire through the hole in the disk and hold it in place. Carry out the braiding of the next 2 steps with the wire kept in between the cords being moved, so that the braid forms around it.  After 2cm of braiding add a drop of glue to the centre of the braid and the wire. Allow the glue to dry. Do not proceed until you are sure that the wire is secure and will not move.

4. When the beads are finished thread 20 beads onto both of the longer cords. Continue to braid and add in one bead each time both of these cords are moved.

5. When the beads are finished thread 15 beads onto all 8 cords. Add a bead each time a cord is moved until they are all finished.

6. Pull the wire away from the braid and thread on a large gemstone drop. Thread one bead onto each cord and braid them in.

7. Return the wire to the middle of the braid. Thread 65 beads onto one of the longer cords and 35 onto the other. Thread 15 beads onto all the other cords. Braid around the core, adding a bead each time a cord with beads is moved. Once the point where there are only beads on two cords is reached the centre of the braid will tighten up. Braid for 1cm and repeat the glue. Make sure the glue is holding the wire in palse

8. Braid without beads for the same length as at the beginning of the necklace. Trim off the ends of the beading wire.

Flat Braid Bracelet

Flat bracelet

The braid structure is 12 cord flat braid and it was demonstrated on the show. Use 60cm lengths of 0,9mm cord. 
The beads in the middle of the braid are added when the cords are crossed from the middle to the sides. Thread the cords through the bead from opposite directions.

Kumihimo Half Round Braid

1. Cut 4 x 1m aqua cord, 0.9mm, 2 x turquoise and 2 x white. Position the aqua cords in slots 32,1,24,9. Position the turquoise in slots 25 and 8. Position the white in slots 16 and 17.

2. Thread 40 x 3mm beads on the cords in slots 32 and 1.

3. Braid using the Half Round Braid instructions. Add a bead every other time a cord with beads is moved.

4. To add the drops and additional beads on the lower edge of the braid thread beading wire through the beads on the braid and add the extra beads in between.

5. Finish the ends with fold over ribbon ends, making sure that the beading wire is gripped by the ends.

Teardrop Necklace

Labradorite kumihimo

This necklace is made by threading 8 x 0.9mm cords through the beads. Make sure that there are enough beads to surround the the drop. As you curve the beaded section the beads will spread out slightly. Add a drop of glue to the cords at either end of the beads. If you do not do this the braid may unravel within the sleeve of beads. When the glue is dry braid either side. Thread the gemstone drop onto beading wire and push the wire through the last bead on either end. Secure with a crimp close to the bead.

Chunky White Bracelet

Silver bracelet

This bracelet got a great reaction when I showed it in the office at JM! It is wonderfully weighty and makes quite a statement. It could also be made with a bright colour of S-Lon for a completely different effect.

Cut 4 x 60cm 0.9mm S-Lon and 4 x 80 cm 0.9mm S-Lon. Thread faceted rice beads (I used the smaller ones for this design) onto the cords in slots 32 and 16. Thread 4mm silver beads onto the cords in slots 1 and 17.

Five Drop Necklace

Five drop Necklace

Thread a selection of drops and beads onto a length of beading wire. Crimp a small loop at either end. Thread 4 cords through one loop and position the cords on the disk. Braid one side of the necklace and then repeat for the other side.