Graphic Quartz, Pearls and Metal Seed Beads

Graphic Quartz kumihimo

Burning Embers was the name given to this lovely kit. Like the other kit on the show it was to be used with the full collection of metal seed beads. I chose to use all three colours together. The star of the gemstones was a strand of graphic quartz graduated pear drops, with Black Agate 4mm rounds, Shell Pearl 4mm rounds, White Agate faceted 4mm rounds and an amazing 7 reels of S-Lon completing the kit.

To make these designs it would be easy to substitute other beads, but a little trial and adjustment might be needed. The metal seed beads come in 3mm/size 8 and 4m/size 6. A 4mm round gemstone is similar to a size 6 seed bead, but it tends to be much rounder, which will create a slightly different effect.

The show can be seen by clicking here.

Graphic Quartz and Pearl Necklace

Graphic Quartz Necklace

This is the design I demonstrated in the show. It was the second demonstration and starts about 2 hours into the show.

1. The sections in the front of this necklace are strung onto beading wire and small loops are crimped at either end. I made two rows, but one or three would also be effective. Thread on a selection of beads and make sure that the rows will sit well together before crimping. Cover the crimps with crimp covers. Use decorative headpins to make coils to cover the wire loops.

2. The pearls generally have small drill holes, so a smaller cord will be required for them. Cut 1 x 1.2m S-Lon 0.3 and 3 x 1.2m S-Lon 0.4. Thread the cords through the loops on one end of the two beaded strands. Centre the loops on the cords and thread all the cords though one of the wire coils. Pull the coil down to cover the wire loops.

3. Position the cords on either side of the dots on the disk and braid for 8 moves. Thread 30 pearls onto one of the thin cords. Thread 30 copper 3mm seed beads onto all the other 7 cords. Braid the side of the necklace by adding a bead with every move. Repeat for the other side.

Green and Copper Necklace

Green and Copper Kumihimo


This necklace is fairly quick and easy to make up because two thick cords are used in each slot. It would look great in different colours.

Cut 16 x 1.4m S-Lon 0.9mm and position them 2 per slot on either side of the dots. There are no rules for the number of beads. I used 4mm beads and threaded them onto both cords in the slot. I used 18 per slot and the beaded sections were made of 2 beads per slot. Play with the quantities and spacing to get your own design.

Grey Pendant Necklace

Gemstone Pendant kumihimo necklace

The braid is made with beads on just one cord. This cord needs to be longer than the other 7 cords.

Cut 7 x 1.2m and 1 x 1.5m. Thread 80 4mm beads onto one cord.


Pearl and Mixed Metal Necklace

Pearl Kumihimo

1. Use the beady bead technique to make three beads made up of 12 pearls each.

2. Use 8 x 1.2m lengths of S-Lon

3. Thread 20 silver 3mm beads onto 6 cords, 20 gold 3mm onto one cord and 20 copper 3mm onto the last cord. Braid the beads. Braid without beads for 16 individual moves. Thread on one beady bead by removing and replacing the cords one by one. Braid without beads for 16 individual moves.

4.Thread 8 beads onto all the cords and repeat the braiding and threading on a beady bead. Repeat to create another section and add the last beady bead. Thread on 20 beads to complete the second side of the necklace.

5. The necklace can be extended with a section of seed beads threaded onto beading wire.



Black and Gold Bracelet

Black and Gold Kumihimo bracelet

Black and gold is always a classic combination. This is a straightforward 8 cord Round Braid bracelet. Playing with the placement of the beads will produce a variety of lovely results.

All cords – 2 gold 3mm, 2 black 4mm, 2 gold 4mm

2 cords in west position – 14 gold 4mm

2 cords in east position – 14 black 4mm

north – cord 32 – 14 gold 4mm

– cord 1 – 14 alternating gold/black/gold/black etc

south – cord 16 – 14 gold 4mm

– cord 17 14 alternating black/gold/black/gold etc

All cords – 2 gold 4mm, 2 black 4mm, 2 gold 3mm

Triple Braid Bracelet

Triple Kumihimo Bracelet

The three braids are made using 65cm lengths of the thicker (0.9mm) S-Lon. Bind the ends together, add a drop of glue and use wire to attach a beaded Wags Wicone and clasp. A 4mm bead is used to top off the cone and help to keep it in place. 75-80 beads need to be threaded onto the wire before starting to make the cone. Finish off with a spiral to keep the beads in place.

Gold Bracelet

Silver and Gold kumihimo

This is made in a similar manner to the Green and Copper Necklace. Use 0.9mm S-Lon, 2 cords per slot, 75cm. I used gold 4mm beads on 6 cords and silver on 2 diagonally opposite cords. The beaded sections are made up of 2 beads per cord.