Gold Seed Beads

Gold collage revised

This kit was a very luxurious combination of gold plated seed beads in two sizes, a fabulous labradorite cabochon and lots of lovely gemstone beads in the 4mm-6mm size range. The S-Lon cord combined some beautiful, rich colours. To watch the show, click here.

Classic Black and Gold Bracelet

This is a very straight forward construction, using 8 warp Round Braid and beads on every cord. Use lengths of cord measuring 50-60cm.

Thread on the following beads,

4 cords on either side of the north and south dots,

5 x size 8 seed beads

20 x 4mm black gemstone beads

5 x size 8 seed beads

4 cords on either side of the east and west dots

5 x size 8 seed beads

20 x size 6 seed beads

5 x size 8 seed beads

If the braid feels a little loose and squashy when the central part with the larger beads is being braided, simply feed a 2mm cord into the middle of the braid and continue to braid around it. A needle and thread can be used to pull the first end of the braid into place. Trim off the core cord when the larger beads have been braided in.

Flat Braid Bracelet (demonstrated in the show, click here to view)

This braid is made using the square plate and a 10 cord flat braid.

Cut 10 x 50cm cord and braid in flat braid for 1cm.

The size 8 beads are added only every second row. When the cords at the far end of either side are moved from the top to the bottom drop in a bead. Braid the next row without beads and then drop in beads in the following row.

When the bracelet is the correct length and is taken off the disk, use monofilament or fine beading thread to sew 4mm round beads into every second gap between the seed beads. Pass the thread through the first metal seed bead on one side, pick up a 4mm bead, pass through the next 2 metal seed beads and then pick up another 4mm bead. Continue to add the beads along both sides of the bracelet.

Beaded Pendant Necklace

This braid is a 16 warp Round Braid with two cords in each slot.

To make the pendant cut 4 x 50cm and thread one cord through a size 8 seed bead. Centre the bead on the cord and thread both ends through a 6mm gemstone. Use the two ends of the cord to tie the other 3 cords in the middle, close to the beads. There are now 8 cords. Position the cords on the disk and braid for 8 individual moves. Thread on the following beads,

4 cords, on either side of the north and south dots,

2 x size 8

2 x size 6

2 x 6mm gemstone bead

2 x size 6

2 x size 8

4 cords, on either side of the east and west dots

2 x size 8

2 x size 6

4 x size 8

2 x size 6

2 x size 8

Add in beads each time a cord is moved. The 6mm beads are larger than the seed beads, so 2 seed beads are dropped in for every large bead. Only do this when the 6mm beads are being braided in. Look carefully at the photo to see how this works.

Cabochon Necklace

This is 8 warp Round Braid with beads on every cord. Cut 8 x 1m cord. Thread 30 size 8 beads onto all 8 braids. If required, a few gemstones on headpins can be braided in as well. When all the beads have been braided in, braid without beads for 24 individual moves. Thread on 30 size 8 beads onto all 8 braids and braid them in.

To make the hook for the back of the cab, bend some wire in half and form an open spiral on each end, Stick this to the back of the cab with strong glue and stick some backing fabric onto the back. Sew a row of size 8 beads around the edge using back stitch. Trim the backing to the shape of the cab, being careful not to cut any of the stitching. Sew or stick Ultrasuede to the back to cover the stitching.

I have two very detailed tutorials for sale in my shop (only £4 each) which show how to use kumihimo around cabochons in particularly secure and unusual ways. If you are interested, click here for Kumi-cabs 1 and here for Kumi-cabs 2.