Genuine Natural Emeralds and seed beads

Genuine Emerald kumihimo jewellery

These designs were shown on 18th March 2015. The kit contained 5 toning colours of S-Lon cord, ranging from emerald green to a bright turquoise, a tube of copper seed beads (4mm/size 6), a tube of silver seed beads (3mm/size 8) and a strand of chunky genuine emerald nuggets. Other gemstone nuggets would also work well in these pieces of jewellery and glass seed beads could be used instead of metal ones.

Bracelet with Seed Bead Clasp

I demonstrated how to make this bracelet, so click here to see how.

Emerald kumihimo bracelet

1. Cut 1.2m beading thread and 3 lengths of S-Lon measuring 1.2m each.

2.Thread 14 3mm beads onto the beading thread and centre them. Thread one end of the thread through all the beads again and tighten up the circle. Lay the cords in the small triangle formed by the threads and crimp the beading thread close to the cords.

Beaded clasp

3. Position the beading thread in the slot to the left of the north dot and the right of the south dot. The rest of the cords go on either side of the dots.

4. Braid for 8 individual moves, so that each cord and thread has been moved once.

5. Thread 25 chips onto each beading thread and 25 4mm beads onto the adjacent cords. Thread 25 3mm beads onto the other 4 cords.

6. Braid in a bead or chip with every move until they are finished. Check the length of the bracelet and add more beads and chips if necessary.

7. Braid for 16 individual moves. Add a drop of fabric or all-purpose glue to the end of the braid and allow it to dry before removing the braid from the disk and tying the cords together in two groups of three in a double knot. Add a drop of glue to the knot to secure it.

8. To make the toggle, take two headpins and thread 3 x 3mm beads onto each one. Twist them together (3-4 twists) and then form a wrapped loop using both ends together.

Beaded toggle

9. Attach the toggle to the braid using a crimp and both beading threads together. Cover the crimp with a crimp cover.

10. Take 2 cords, tie them together in an overhand knot 1cm from the braid end. Thread on 3 4mm beads, separate the cords and tie them together in a double or triple knot. Either trim the ends and seal the knot with glue or trim and melt the ends with a thread zapper. Cover the knot with a crimp cover and repeat to make two more tassels.

Triple Necklace

Emerald kumihimo necklace

1. Thread a selection of emerald chips and metal seed beads onto 3 graduated lengths of beading thread. Crimp them all together at each end, leaving a loop large enough to accommodate 8 cords of S-Lon. Cover with a crimp cover.

2. Cut 1m x 8 of S-Lon and centre them on the loop at one end. There are now 16 cords. Position them on either side of the dots, 2 per slot. Braid to the required length. Bind, glue and trim the braid to fit the cord end. Use strong glue to stick the braid into the end and leave it to dry and cure fully. Use wire, 3mm beads and the rosary link method to attach a clasp to the cord end. Repeat for the other side of the necklace.

Beaded Necklace

Emerald Kumihimo necklace 1. Cut 75cm x 8 S-Lon. Braid for 2-3 cm.

2. Thread the emeralds onto headpins, trim the headpins if necessary and form a rolled loop close to the gemstone. Alternatively use the wrapped loop method.

3. Thread the following beads onto the 8 cords at north and south,

5 x 3mm – 8 x 4mm – 6 gems on headpins – 8 x 4mm – 5 x 3mm

4. Thread the following beads onto the 8 cords at east and west,

5 3mm – 22 4mm – 5 3mm

5. Add a bead into the braid with every move, until the beads have finished and braid for a further 2-3cm

6. Bind, glue and trim the ends before gluing them into end caps. Attach two lengths of chain to the end cap using the rosary link method and attach a clasp with a jump ring. Repeat for the other side.

Triple Bracelet

Kumihimo triple bracelet

This bracelet is made with 3 individual braids, joined together in a glue in end cap. For each braid use 16 x 60cm S-Lon and 42 beads on 2 diagonally opposite cords. Braid with 2 cords in each slot on either side of the dots.

Heart Necklace

Kumihimo Heart Pendant 1. Cut 4 cords of 4 different colours  measuring 1.2m. There should be 16 cords and they will be positioned with 2 per slot. Find the midpoint of the cords and tie an overhand knot. Position the cords on one side of the knot on the disk on either side of the dots, so that the same colours are diagonally opposite each other.

2. Braid for 8 individual moves, so that each cord has been moved once. Return the cords to the slots on either side of the dots. (this move is to make it easier to indicate which cords should be used in the next step)

3. Thread 24 x 3mm beads onto the cord to the left of the north dot and the right of the south dot. Thread  8 x 3mm beads onto the remaining cords at north and south. Thread 4 x 4mm beads onto all 4 cords at east and west.

4. Continue to braid, adding a bead whenever a cord carrying beads is moved and then continue to braid without beads until the required length has been reached.

5. Thread a bail from the other end of the braid and position it over the knot. Put the cords on the disk as before and repeat to create the second side of the necklace.

6. Finish off the braid with glue on end caps and a clasp. Attach gemstones on  headpins to the bail and add a heart on a length of chain.