Gemstone chain collection

kumihimo collage

I loved the summery tones of this kit. It contained 4mm round beads, gemstone chain, gold 4mm bicones, gold 2mm cubes, graduated labradorite and lots of lovely S-Lon cord, medium and thick. To watch the show, click here.

Now that Jewellery Maker is stocking S-Lon cord in three sizes I will refer to them with a description and Tex number.

Thin cord (Tex 135)

Medium cord (Tex 210)

Thick cord (Tex 400)

Chain Choker

This design was demonstrated during the show.

Use 10 x 1m lengths of medium cord and the instructions for 10 cord flat braid. Start to attach the chain after approximately 2cm by threading it onto the cord in slot 5 when it is moved to slot e. Thread through the link with the gemstones. Carry out 5 complete rows and then attach the next but one link with gemstones. Continue with this pattern. This design works best when worn short as a choker. Add an extension chain to allow flexibility.

Beaded Necklace

Use 8 x 1.2m of medium cord to make this necklace. Thread the following beads onto the cords in slots 1 and 17 (diagonally opposite),

(20 gold cubes – 2 4mm) x 3

20 gold cubes

Thread 6 x 4mm onto the other 6 cords.

Before starting to braid, look carefully at the photo. The way the beads are threaded onto the cords will prompt you, but it is still necessary to concentrate on the pattern. The gold cubes are braided first. When the first 4mm is reached, braid for 16 moves without beads. Then braid in 2 4mm from each cord. Braid for 16 moves without beads. Continue with the gold cubes and then the next section with plain braiding on either side of the bead.

Bicone Bracelet

Cut 60cm x 16 medium cord. Position the cords on the disk with 2 cords in each slot on either side of the dots. Thread 6 bicones onto both cords in all 8 slots. Braid for just under half the required length and then braid in the bicones. Braid the second side of the bracelet so that it matches the first one.

Flat Braid Bracelet

1. Cut 60cm x 10. Braid using the 10 cord flat braid instructions. After 2cm add a bicone to the cord in slot 3 when it is moved to slot 14 (instruction 3). Make sure it does not cross over the cord in slot E. Add a bicone to the cord in slot 8 when it is moved to slot 17 (instruction 4). Make sure it does not cross over the cord in slot e. Complete the moves in the sequence, E to 3 and e to 8.

2. Add a bicone in this manner in every alternate set of moves.

3. Use a strong beading thread, such as Fireline or Wildfire to sew 4mm beads in between the bicones on either side. Look carefully at the photo to see the pattern. Start by attaching the thread to the edge of the braid, pass the needle through the first bicone, pick up a 4mm, pass through the next bicone, take the needle through the edge of the braid and then through the next bicone. Continue to sew the beads between every other pair of bicones and repeat for the other side.

Pendant Necklace

Instead of hanging a pendant from a braid using a bail or ring in this design decorative headpins are pushed through the braid. First thread beads onto headpins or a circle of wire, form a wrapped loop and hang them from the headpins. Then pierce the braid in the middle with the headpin. The end of the headpin is curled back around the braid and wrapped around the head of the headpin. Repeat for the other beaded headpins.