Floral ribbons and pearls

On 29.3.16 I showed how a lovely kit of pearls, floral ribbon and some fabulous Angelite 6mm rounds could be used to make some ultra-pretty necklaces and bracelets. Other beads of similar sizes could be used instead.

I love bows, so they found their way into most of the designs, but if you prefer simpler lines, just omit them! Alternatively, if you love bows you could always find a few places to add an extra one!

To watch the show click on this link. The demo for this kit can be found approximately 3 hours and 27 minutes into the recording.


Floral collage

Braiding with wider ribbons

The first necklace was demonstrated on the show. All of these designs use a braiding technique using ribbon and beading wire/thread. Use 4 ribbons on either side of the north and south dots and use 4 beading wires/threads on either side of the east and west dots. A weight will be needed on the braid end and also on the bobbins. Either use weighted bobbins or tape 2 x 50p onto the back of each bobbin.

Pearls and flowers kumihimo



Floral ribbon kumihimo



Coral bow necklace

Beads and Bow Bracelet

This bracelet is made with 4mm rose gold seed beads and beading thread/wire. The braid structure is 7 cord and beads are used on all 7 wires. Leave a small unbeaded gap in the middle to accommodate the bow.

Black bow necklace


Rose Gold Beady necklace.

The braid structure is 7 cord braid and the materials are 3mm rose gold seed beads and beading thread/wire.Each section of this necklace is made with 7 beads, followed by 7 moves without beads. Fold-over ribbon ends are used to finish off the ends. The wire can be shaped into a gentle point at the front after the clasp has been added.

Beady necklace


This is a kumihimo website so I am not going to give instructions for this simple bracelet, but it is too pretty not to show!

Pearl necklace