Virtual Workshop – Introduction to Prumihimo – Mon 15th March and Thurs 18th Mar 21-UKpm/USam

Introduction to Prumihimo


In this 2-part virtual workshop on Zoom you will learn the fundamental skills required to make an embellished bracelet on the Prumihimo disk, using braiding and beading techniques. The workshop is made up of two sessions lasting for 5 hours in total.

Workshop dates : Monday 15th March 2021 at UK (GMT) 4.oopm/ET 12.00noon/CT 11.ooam/MT 10.00am/PT 9.ooam and Thursday 18th March at the same time. The timing of this class is suitable for Europe and the US. Please check the time is suitable for you before booking.

Skill level : This workshop is suitable for beginners and less experienced braiders. No prior experience is needed, but you must have a Prumihimo disk. These are currently is short supply, so please do not book this class unless you have one already.

Requirements : Device with audio and filming capability and the free Zoom app needs to be downloaded before the class.

Please see below for more details and read carefully before booking.



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Product Description

The aim of the Introduction to Prumihimo virtual workshop is to teach the fundamental Prumihimo techniques that are required, not only to make the adorable bracelet shown, but also to be able to start to use this unique disk to its full potential. This workshop will bring the student up to intermediate level, so you will be able to develop your own designs or attend one of the intermediate Prumihimo virtual workshops. The workshop is divided into 2 sessions, so that the time with me, Pru McRae, is spent learning and the braiding can be finished off between the sessions. This removes the time pressure on those who prefer to braid more slowly and everyone can start the second session at the same stage. Some pre-class preparation is required to ensure that all the class time is well-spent. A workshop with me is never just about the design. My aim is to share what I have learned in over a decade of kumihimo experience and I will have lots of supplementary advice to offer and samples to show.

The structure of the Introduction to Prumihimo virtual workshop is in three parts.

Part One – Preparation – When the workshop is purchased you will be sent a list of materials you will need for the class and it is a good idea to send off for anything you need promptly. Shortly afterwards you will also receive written instructions and a link to a YouTube video where you will be shown how to set up your disk and how to start to practise the braid structure. You will be asked to send a photo of your practise braid to me, so that I can check that it is going well for you and give any necessary assistance. This means that I can address any potential problems before the class and make sure that everyone has a great experience. You will also be given instructions on how to prepare your cords and set up your disk before the class.

Part Two – The first session –  This session is all about the braiding, starting with some practise to get into the rhythm of the braid and then the braid will be started and beads will be added. You will be asked to complete the braiding before the second session. Faster braiders may decide to make a second braid. I keep the class size small so that I can help people individually and everyone can work at their own pace.

Part Three – The second session – In this session I will teach embellishment techniques to enhance your braid. These are great transferable skills that can be used for other types of kumihimo. I will give advice on how to finish off the ends. The second session always feels more sociable as you feel you are getting to know your fellow students-

Current lockdowns and shipping delays are causing problems with the international supply of Prumihimo disks and at the moment I am unable to ship. Please do not book this workshop if you do not currently have a Prumihimo disk. Further workshops will be available when the supply of  disks is reinstated.

To take part in this virtual workshop you will need a device such as a laptop, computer, ipad or other tablet with audio and video. Smart phones can also be used, but the small screen size makes them less suitable. You need to have reasonably strong internet connections. Weaker connections mean that not only will your view of the demonstrations be less clear, but also that it will be much harder for me to inspect your work. You need to have downloaded the free version of the Zoom app and be able to join a meeting. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct equipment and knowledge to join a meeting, but lots of help is available on and you can contact me prior to the day of the workshop for assistance.

The start time for both sessions is UK (GMT) 4.00pm/ET 12.00noon/CT 11.00am/MT 10.00am/PT 9.00am . You can check the time where you live using this calculator. When you receive the zoom link please check the time carefully. This will be the correct time for your time zone.

The first session will be approximately 2  1/2  hours and the second session will be approximately 2 1/2 hours, making 5 hours in total.

Materials and equipment : The full list will be sent by email when this workshop is booked and it includes, Prumihimo disk, magnetic clasp, satin cord, beading cord, seed beads x 2 and triangle beads. No kits are offered for this workshop and it is your responsibility to make sure you buy your materials in good time.

Pre-workshop preparation : You will be sent written instructions and a link to a YouTube video at least 2 weeks before the date of the workshop. It will show you how to set up your disk and start to braid. You will be asked to send a photo of your practise braid to Pru McRae, so that any assistance required can be given before the start of the class. During the week before the workshop you will be sent an email explaining how to set up your disk and load your beads in readiness for the class.

Instructions : These will be emailed to you the day before the workshop for you to either print or view during the class on a separate device. You will receive the link to the workshop in a separate email at the same time.

Class size :  The maximum number of students in the introductory workshop will not exceed 10 students, so that I can ensure that each person receives the time and attention they require. Each workshop booking is for one person only.

Sorry, no refunds, unless you purchase in error and contact me within 24 hours of purchase. Please check the time and date of both class sessions carefully before purchase and make sure that once you have booked your place you purchase any necessary supplies in good time.

What to expect in a Zoomihimo by Prumihimo workshop : A virtual workshop can be a surprisingly effective learning environment, with plenty of close-ups, repetition and feedback from the tutor. My aim is also to make it a sociable occasion, so that you can get to know your fellow students. I will email a sheet of guidance and protocols along with the list of materials, so that you feel comfortable and are able to make the most of the experience.