*Ophelia Bracelet Tutorial for the Prumihimo Disk (Prumi-stitch 1)


Downloadable tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to make a delicate bracelet using the Prumi-stitch method of adding embellishment to braids made on the Prumihimo Disk.

Kumihimo Equipment = The Prumihimo Disk

Complexity Level = Intermediate

Please see below for more information


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This is the first tutorial in the Prumi-stitch series of designs. Prumi-stitch is the name I have given to the combination of braiding on the Prumihimo Disk and embellishing the braid with bead stitching. This tutorial will guide you through the new technique to make a beautiful bracelet, which combines the very best of these two techniques. No prior experience of bead stitching is required, but it is not adviseable to attempt this design before you have practised braiding with the Prumihimo disk and can braid confidently and accurately.

Important – This necklace is made on the Prumihimo Disk, which is available by clicking here.

–          Intermediate design.

–          Instructions on how to finish the braid and attach the ends are included

–          Full colour step-by-step photos

–          Written by a regular contributor to UK and International magazines and a guest designer on UK TV

–          Both metric and imperial measurements given

Please note

–          This is a PDF file and will be available to download once payment is confirmed. I cannot provide printed copies, but you will be able to print the file yourself

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–          All conversions are approximate

–          This tutorial may not be copied, distributed or sold in any form and is for your personal use only. You are welcome to sell jewellery made using these instructions, but please make sure that you credit me for the design.

–          For sales to European countries other than the UK please email me

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