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This kit provides the materials you need to make one impressive necklace using both braiding and embellishment techniques and featuring an unusual matte black glue-in clasp. The kit includes the cords, beads, thread and clasp, as well as the needles and a Prumihimo Disk. Additional cords for practise are included. Printed instructions are included in the box. Glue is not included. For full contents and more information please see below.

This is an intermediate level kit, which is suitable for those who have already learnt to use the Prumihimo Disk

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Spotty disk kumihimo necklace

Kumihimo kit contents



This striking necklace is made with fairly chunky cords, giving a braid diameter of approximately 1cm. The spotty beads are flat glass disks, 1cm in diameter, with a black background and silver spots, with an iridescent ‘peacock’ centre.

It is an intermediate level design, which requires some prior experience of the Prumihimo disk.

The kit contains:

The Prumihimo Disk – the unique disk designed by Pru McRae

Tutorial – full instructions for the necklace, plus links to additional information

Cords – 3mm black jersey yarn and black S-Lon beading cord for the necklace braid

Coloured yarn and cords for practise (can be used afterwards with your own beads to make a bracelet)

21 flat round spotty beads – 19 for the necklace, 2 extra to give the option of making matching earrings (with your own findings)

Size 8 beads for braiding

Size 11 beads for embellishment

Bugle beads for embellishment

Matte black glue-in clasp

2 beading needles

Beading thread

Threading loop to assist with the threading of the size 8 seed beads

Stop beads, to keep the beads on the cords when braiding

Note – strong glue is required, but is NOT included

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Additional Information

Dimensions 24 x 16 x 2 cm