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This kit contains all the materials you need to make 3 vibrant wreath decorations in festive tones of red, green and silver, using cord, wire and miracle beads.  The wreath is finished off with seed bead embellishment. Practise cords and wire are also included. This is made on the Prumihimo disk (not included)

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Product Description

Miracle bead wreath

This kit makes 3 different braided wreath decorations. Materials are provided in red, green and silver so that you can mix and match them in different ways to create several different effects. Miracle beads are perfect for decorations because they have a special optical effect, which makes them seem to glow in certain light conditions. The braid is made using both cord and wire, before being  embellished with seed beads and being finished off with charming oval end caps and organza ribbon.

It is recommended that you are able to braid accurately on the Prumihimo disk before starting the wreath  because it can be difficult to reverse braid to correct mistakes. Cord and wire is provided so that the technique of working with wire can be learnt. This make this kit a true learning experience that goes much further than the 3 decorations!

The Prumihimo disk is not included with this kit, but can be purchased from this website. You will also need some glue, such as clear all-purpose glue or fabric glue. Wire cutters or strong scissors are also required. A weight is optional.

Kit contents:

A set of cords and wire for practise

Satin cord, 3 colours

Beading cord, 3 colours

Wire, 3 colours

Miracle beads, 3 colours

Ribbon, 3 colours

Miyuki galvanised silver seed beads

2 beading needles

Beading thread

3 oval end caps

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This photo shows how you can change the combinations to create different effects. The kit makes 3 wreaths.

Miracle bead wreath

Additional Information

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Dimensions 25 x 15 x 2 cm


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