Kit – 2 Pearly Wreath Ornaments


This kit provides the materials needed to make 2 beaded pearly wreath ornaments/decorations, which are braided on the Prumihimo disk. The disk is not included. For full contents and what else is required please see below.


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This kit offers a great opportunity to learn how to braid on the Prumihimo disk (not included) using a combination of soutache braid and wire to create a stunning wreath ornament for the Christmas tree or to be hung in front of a mirror or window. Braiding with wire requires a bit of practise, so cord and wire in contrasting colours is included, so that you can practise the technique and easily spot any errors. Once you have learned how to control the wire you will find materials to make 2 festive wreaths. The materials include some hard-to-find 8mm top-drilled glass pearls and some fabulous twisted bugle beads. Some beads are added during the braiding and others are embellished post braiding. The finished wreath showcases the texture of the soutache braid. The techniques learnt while making these wreaths can be used for other projects, making this a valuable skill development experience.

Kit includes:

2 end caps

Practise cords and wire

Soutache, wire and beading cord for 2 wreaths

Top-drilled glass pearls, seed beads x 2 sizes and bugle beads for 2 wreaths


Beading needle and beading thread

Threading loop and stop beads

You will also need a Prumihimo disk, all-purpose glue, metal shears or strong kitchen scissors, 50g weight (optional)

*These beads are made of glass with a pearly coating. However, the coating can be damaged by sharp or spikey items, so please handle them with care. It is also common to find chipping of the coating around the drill hole. Each bead in this kit has been inspected and strung on thread to make sure they are in good condition. A few spare beads have been included in case any flaking occurs when they are re-threaded onto the cords.

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