Video – Top 5 Materials for use in kumihimo braiding

Top 5 cords

Length of video – 5.58 minutes

  1. Satin cord – 0.40 minutes
  2. Beading cord – 1.38 minutes
  3. Chinese Knotting cord – 3.22 minutes
  4. Embroidery Thread – 4.02 minutes
  5. Knitting Yarn – 4.50 minutes

Top 5 Cords and Yarns

In this video I explain which are my top 5 cords and why. Using the best materials for a job will always give the best results. This list contains the cords which I use most frequently, but I also like to experiment with other types.

The technical specification for cords is expressed as a Tex number for accuracy. The tex number represents the weight in grams of 1000 meters of cord.