Thursday 27th April. Stitchncraft, Dorset. Embellished Prumihio Braided Bracelet.


Embellished PrumihimoIn this workshop I will teach how to embellish braids made on the Prumihimo disk to create delicate, lacy designs. The correct way to use the disk will be taught, concentrating on how to achieve good tension and straight braids. Then I will teach my own special tips and tricks for embellishing braids with beading, which can also be used for other types of kumihimo, so they are very useful transferable skills. These techniques open up all sorts of design possiblilities and lots of samples will be shown and explained, so it is a great workshop for those who would like to take their kumihimo skills to the next level. A detailed handout will be provided.

Embellished Prumihimo

Full day workshop. 10am-4pm


Stitchncraft Beads
2 Chaldicott Barns
Tokes Lane
Studio and Mail Order Tel: 01747 830666

Cost: £36

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