Thursday 10th August. Stitchncraft, Dorset. Inside Out Kumihimo Bracelet.

Inside out braid

The inside out method of braiding may be more familiar to many braiders than they realise because this is what happens when a mistake is made with regular beaded kumihimo! However, trying to make a deliberate mistake with every move is not easy. I teach this method in a way which is easy to learn and once the rhythm has been picked up it is quick and easy to make some beautiful and unusual braids. The inside out technique can sometimes produce rather stiff braids, but my beady-bead method will result in very flexible braids, which are particularly comfortable to wear. I propose to teach a bracelet design because of time restrictions, but if preferred a  necklace or lariat could be made and finished at home. I am offering an unusual method of fastening the bracelet, which is very secure and is a useful technique to learn because it can be used on other types of braid.

Inside out kumihimo

Full day workshop, 10am-4pm


Stitchncraft Beads
2 Chaldicott Barns
Tokes Lane
Studio and Mail Order Tel: 01747 830666

Level: Intermediate – it is best to have learnt regular beaded kumihimo before learning this technique

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